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please sponsor ME

Amount Raised: $857

$ Goal: $2,000

Event Date: October 01, 2021 To December 30, 2021

It has been another year of hardship for the various communities with children again impacted new waves of the virus.  Things are slowly opening back up, but the need to continue to support these communities, with extra help to bide them through the tough times is imminent!

This year, I am taking on a challenge – I have pledged to bike 50kilometers as a show of my commitment to this cause!  I am burning my quads to help those kids who need your help through their hardship!  Because I can, and I must do what I can!

I have always been able to count on your support – hope you can help me reach my goal!

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Seyfullah and Fatima Oguz $200
Di Xu $200
Anonymous $98
Kasi Shunmugam $98
Anonymous $98
Elizabeth Winterbourne $51
Sonali Soni $51
Ninaad Kiran $51
Percy Presswalla $10
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