Parul Juneja, CRY Volunteer Leader, New York

The reason that I chose to volunteer with CRY America is because I wanted to make a difference. It’s difficult to find these opportunities where you can make a real impact and CRY America gives you that opportunity.

Nishant Singh, CRY Student Volunteer Leader, Raleigh

Underprivileged children need attention right now because today’s children will be tomorrow’s adults, and if we cannot guarantee rights to children right now, it will become an even greater problem tomorrow.

Kinnery, CRY Volunteer, New York

I got the inspiration to join CRY from my Dad. His deeds inspired me and my quest to give back to the society led me to volunteer which has made an impact by providing basic rights to underprivileged children. I am privileged to be associated with CRY and being able to contribute gives me a sense of achievement. It is the smiles on the faces of these children that keeps me going and constantly inspires me to continue serving them through CRY.

Anupama Prasad, CRY Volunteer, Bay Area

I have been volunteering for CRY for 5 years. As we go about our daily privileged lives, it’s hard to imagine how some children struggle for the basics in life (food, shelter and education). CRY America’s value of a healthy life begins with a healthy childhood strongly resonates with what I believe in. I believe that if I can’t make life better for a hundred children, I can at least do it for one. Thank you CRY for giving me this opportunity to affect thousands of children across the world.

Sanjay Yengul, CRY Volunteer Leader, Boston

Seeing children in rags begging on the streets in India is heartbreaking – yet giving them a few coins does not feel like a solution. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the scale of the problem, but there are ways to help. I have been volunteering for CRY America in Boston for 10 years. CRY’s unique rights based approach goes beyond charity and strengthens social structures that enable children to develop to their full potential. A lot has been done, but much more remains to be done.

Karishma Shah, CRY Volunteer Leader, San Diego

CRY America allows me to take responsibility of the future of the children in need and I am able to do so by hosting several events, spreading awareness about important issues and raising funds to remedy the issues. By viewing footage of Projects CRY America supports, I am able to see my passion and vision come to life. I can see the impact made by all the Action Centers and I can proudly say that we, together, have positively impacted 660,632 children.

Yogita Magnani, CRY Volunteer, Seattle

Child marriage takes away a girl’s right to a happy and worry free childhood. It forces her to give up her education to take on the role of a wife at a very young age. It devalues girls in our society. She deserves to enjoy her childhood, play and go to school, contribute to the family and society at her own terms, choose to marry when she is physically and emotionally ready to build her own family.

Rajesh Munshi , CRY Volunteer Leader, Seattle

Every child is precious and should have a dignified and happy childhood, free from the clutches of child labor, fear and diseases. CRY America has promoted equal inclusion of every child, by encouraging communities to provide opportunities and protection to girls & boys and by preventing violations faced by children. CRY America has also provided a path to individuals – activists, volunteers, donors – that we can traverse together to create a world that has equal opportunities for all the children.