Join the CRY San Diego team in celebrating the children, and pledge to support a healthy childhood, that they deserve.  The CRY San Diego Team would be organizing group hikes, and fundraising efforts as a Virtual Walk for the year 2021.

Stay tuned for details.  Register for FREE and sign-up to be a fundraiser.

How does fundraising work?

You will register for the event (for FREE) and select ‘Raise Funds’ to create a fundraising page, with a personal message and a fundraising target amount.  Once you have set this up, you would have a fundraising page, that you can share with your friends and family for them to support you by making a donation towards your target!

The number one reason someone donates is because “they were asked”.  So, please consider the effort that you put into asking as your contribution to the well-being of the children who much need it.  We need your help to secure their childhoods.



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