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Amount Raised: $6,735

$ Goal: $7,000

Event Date: April 28, 2019 To April 29, 2019

CRY – Child Rights and You has been making a HUGE difference to millions of children in the poorest parts of India. Rather than give them food and funds, it trains them to be self-reliant and fights for their basic rights. I have travelled to some of the rural areas where CRY operates and meeting some of those wonderful boys and girls and seeing their aspirations and willingness to reach for the stars has been heart warming. I am reaching out to friends and family to contribute generously. Make a difference. India still has half of the world’s poorest children. You can make a difference.

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Akshay Kumar $5,000
Anonymous $600
Raj Rao $298
Amit Suri $236
Mary McCandless $100
Kristi Hudnall $100
Whitney Sutherland $51
Sudip Nepal $51
Pradeep Kumar $51
Anonymous $51
Christian Hofer $51
Anonymous $30
Constancio Fernandes $26
Lucia Maschler $25
Rajesh Chandrashekaran $25
Meagan Weddle $20
Anonymous $20

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