CRY Austin Cultural Show 2023


Join the CRY Austin Cultural Show where kids and adults can come together & participate to support underprivileged children while they perform and have fun. Register to participate in this event for a cause. Limited slots available so hurry!

DATE: October 15, 2023
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
VENUE: First Baptist Church, Georgetown
1333 W University Ave, Georgetown, TX 78628

Cultural Show Registration Guidelines: Kindly ensure that you follow the guidelines when submitting your entry.

1. No individual can participate in more than 2 performances in the same category (Dance, Skit, Instrument/Vocal, Other). Participating in 2 performance means that you are making participant pledge twice.
2. Group performance registration is highly encouraged.
3. The performance duration should not exceed 4 minutes (Exception – skits/drama/classical dance) Based on the performance, CRY reserves the right to allow longer duration.
4. Performance time slot will be allocated by the CRY Committee.
5. The performances should submit the High quality Audio MP3/MP4 files by Oct 7, 2023.
6. If you fail to show up on time on the day of the performance you will miss your time slot and will not be able to perform.(No exception)
7. Cultural Committee reserves the right to accept or deny any entry at their discretion.
8. All groups of two and group of 3 participants require to make the participation pledge of $20 each.
9. Group of 4 or more require to make a participation pledge of $15 each.
10. After filling this form please pay through this link
11. Please make payments at your earliest to confirm your slot.
12. Registration will close as soon as the slots fill up.
13. Group performances will be given preference.
14. Participants will win prizes through out the event so please plan to stay for the whole duration of the show.
15. For solo performance please contact
16. Audience Ticket is $5 per person.

For details please contact
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