Yuvraj’s 1st Birthday Fundraiser for CRY


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As Yuvraj completes his first year, we look back at these 365 days and are filled with all types of emotions and beautiful memories – so many beautiful memories, so many joys.. from his first smile to his giggles, from carrying him in our arms to him crawling around the house, from rocking this cute baby to sleep to him trying to dance on his own.. from figuring out his formula to him covering his face with his first foods, from giving him his first bath to him looking forward to splashing endlessly…

Despite this not being our first rodeo with a newborn, it came with its own challenges. But we feel so blessed and thankful for all the help, advice, good wishes, resources, and our friends & family – with their help we have thrived through this time.

We also recognize that not every child is so fortunate, and we would like to do our bit to help spread the good vibes and opportunities. As you already know, for over a decade we have been involved with CRY (Child Rights and You). In large parts we believe the kids we have directly/indirectly helped have sent us a lot of blessings and good Karma.

With your help, we would like to continue this exchange.

Therefore, for Yuvraj’s first birthday, in lieu of gifts, we request you to make a donation to CRY.


Thank you for your love & support.

Parul & Varun Chitkara


“For it is in giving, that we receive”


manju juneja $1,000
Pooja Juneja $201
Shruti Luthra $151
Mili Seoni $101
Anonymous $101
Arnav & Avir Kindra $101
Deepal Shah $101
Vishal Arora $101
Nidhi Mahajan $75
Anonymous $51
Nirali Chokshi $51
Vineeta Khanna $51
Sangeeta Mudnal $51
Krishna Majithia $51
Aarti Singh $51
Anonymous $51
Kinjal Bhatt $35
Yana Jani $31
Myra Doshi $30
Tanvi Kacharia $30
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $8
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