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Let's come together to ensure education for every child

Education transforms children’s lives and it’s so important in shaping their future as well. Children deserve to learn and grow. As a result of the pandemic, online education became such a vital part of our children’s lives, however, many marginalized kids could not attend their schools due to a lack of digital aid. Due to the worsening Covid situation, many children were also forced to work in order to support their families.

Children are our future. Let’s come together to ensure that they’re able to continue their education and have an opportunity to have a better life

You can also ensure children have your continuous support by donating a small amount every month. You can start with as little $15-20 every month to ensure sustainable change in the lives of children. This is a very flexible way of supporting children as you can stop/discontinue simply by sending an email to support@cryamerica.org. Click on this link to join Monthly Giving: https://cryamerica.org/monthly/


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