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Help girls shine in their goals of life!! If one girl is educated, the whole family, nation, and generation is educated.

Education is the “key” and “the foundation” to improving the world, according to the United Nations. Educating girls & keeping girls in school makes a huge difference.
“This is probably the single most powerful step the world can take to improve not only girls’ lives but the lives of their families and countries”.

Twice the numbers of girls drop out of school as compared to boys. Let’s empower their life with education and give them a better future.When you educate a girl you help her make better choices for herself, her family and her community. Make sure she stays ahead just by staying in school.

Your generous donations will help us work with our project partners to ensure that girl children can remain in school. We appreciate your donation which will give girl children better opportunities and the chance to have a better future. 

You can also ensure lasting change for children by joining a special group of CRY America supporters – CRY DROPs – A Monthly Giving Program where you can donate smaller amounts consistently. Via this program, your donation is automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your bank account every month. It will help CRY America, bring down processing costs and is a hassle-free process to sign up and equally simple to opt out. Here is a link to become a CRY DROPs Donor: 

CRY America supports different Projects across India & USA. Click here for more details on the Project including the region, the area of focus & the budget for each Project:

Pls view this short video from CRY America supported Project Prayatn doing excellent work in Rajasthan:

Pls view a short video from CRY America supported Project Diksha creating safe childhoods in the red light areas of Kolkatta:


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