Stay in School by Namratha & Prashanth


$420.00 donated of $1,500.00 goal

Stay in School campaign from CRY America endeavors to fund USD 15,000 towards aiding continued education of 1071 girl children

Education is a primary requirement for every child and they have a right to it. However, it is a sad situation that many, especially girl children, are deprived of this fundamental right. It is our overarching goal as part of CRY America to raise USD 15,000 through ‘Stay in School’ campaign to help 1701 such girl children continue their school education. Namratha and I are seeking your support to make USD 1,500 as part of this goal.


Ramesh Kakula $100
Sonali Karnik $100
Namratha Hegde $50
Sreedha Ruttala $30
Annika S $25
Samyutha Karthikeyan $25
Sanjay Bhujbal $25
Pranay Karmakar $25
Ashwin Sanal $25
Srikkanth Srinivasaragavan $15
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