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Amount Raised: $1,312

$ Goal: $2,000

Event Date: October 30, 2022 To December 31, 2022

As we come out of a pandemic, a lot has changed in the lives of the children.  Loss of sources of income associated with the pandemic has set back a lot of the progress that was made to keep the children from labor to supplement the family income or to marry the girls off to transfer the problem!

I continue to be dedicated and committed to doing what I can, and this year I am enthusiastically participating and helping organize the CRY walk – after a hiatus – in San Diego.  As part of this I also pledged to raise money for the cause that has been so dear to me.  The need is more – now more than ever.

Please support in anyway to help me reach my goal – that I have always been able to count on!  

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Bhupesh Umatt $200
Prasanth Balaji $197
Palani Palaniappan $100
Palak Gosalia $100
Ruchika Pandey $100
Anonymous $98
Samyuktha Kashinath $98
Nimalan Aaron $98
Jeff Schultz $98
sachin shirhatti $51
Rajkumar Malli $51
Sharmila Karnik $51
Fatema Baxamusa $50
Arpit Seksaria $20

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