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please sponsor ME

Amount Raised: $547

$ Goal: $1,000

Event Date: September 30, 2018

I am fund raising for Child rights and You NGO. Funds collected are used towards-  Supporting rehabilitation and counseling for abused children, Immunizing Children,  Building schools and toilets, providing education and bringing back drop outs back to school etc.

Please help me achieve my fundraising goal.

Thank You,
Santosh Kumar

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Rakesh Reddy $51
Anonymous $51
Samson Joseph $51
Sneha Maraliga Jayaram $51
KAMESWARI aparna Mantravadi $51
Anonymous $51
Anup Ganesh $51
Sraavan Mundlapudi $50
Venkata Ravindra Chowdary Koripalli $50
Gaurav Bhangle $25
Sangeetha Sukumaran $25
Praveen Waliitagi $25
Anonymous $15
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