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Amount Raised: $3,299

$ Goal: $3,000

Event Date: September 30, 2018

This is the 10th year.  I have raised over $25000 so far through the past 9 years.  You are the reason why I could do it.  This is a special year, since it is 10th, and I remember the first time when we organized the walk, and had my daughter Nitya flag it off with an Indian flag.

Every story of impact that CRY makes, every CRY project representative I meet, just renews the hope and determination to continue to stay the course, and do more to help the children who need help.  We do what we can for the children, because like the CRY pledge states, “… we can and they can’t”.

Thank you for your continued support, and I come back to you this year, with the same request to support me, by donating to CRY generously.

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Anonymous $1,500
Kevin Cadieux $250
surbhi singhal $101
Vishal Dalmiya $101
Gayathri Jayaraman $100
Sraavan Mundlapudi $100
Sunanda Kishore $100
Arnab Chakrabarti $100
Fatima and Seyfullah Oguz $98
Srividya Bobji $51
Sandhya Mohan $51
Priya Premkumar $51
Prasanth Balaji $51
Sangeetha Iyer $51
Addy Supanekar $51
Rajshree Mudaliar $51
Anonymous $51
Aditi Pai $50
Chidu & Devi Krishnan $50
Anu Vadlamudi $40
Murtuza Chhatriwala $31
Uma Senthil $25
Peter Jones $25
Seema Pai $25
Fatema Baxamusa $25
Sonali Soni $20
Suresh Balachandran $20
Manish Ghosh $20
Sugantha Natarajan $20
Ashutosh Sharma $20
Krishna R $20
Anonymous $20
Kathy Nicholson $20
Paresh Mundade $10
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