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A campaign to raise funds so that girls can access education to reach their true potential

Whether it is a girl supporting her family or it is a female sportsperson winning laurels for her country at the Olympics – Girls can change the world – if given the right opportunities at the right time.

Girls from underprivileged sections of the society have been hit the worse by the first and, now, the second wave of COVID-19. In a study by Malala Fund, it is revealed that during the pandemic in India a high proportion of girls reported being engaged in chores and care work (71%) as against boys (38%).

Moreover, in light of a digital format of education during the pandemic, girls are facing disproportionately greater disparity when it comes to the access to technology. Only 26% girls said that they could access the phone present in the household whenever they wanted to; the corresponding data for boys is 37%.

And despite constructive efforts, 20 million girls still face the fear of not returning to schools after the health crisis has ended in developing countries like India.

In these challenging times girls are impacted adversely – they might lose their chance to continue their education & might have to give up on their dreams.

YOU can help change this. Invest in helping girls to shatter the barriers standing between them and their dreams, and watch as they take themselves and our world to new heights – even during these COVID times! Donate now.


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