Quest For the Welfare of Humanity’s Children


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I am hoping to help advance the opportunities of our youth in our society.

With this campaign, I hope to break the cycle of poverty that plagues much of the world today. I believe that the youth is our future, and ensuring that more of our children receive quality nutrition and education is vital for a more joyous and prosperous society. Unfortunately, many of our boys and girls are forced out of the education system, whether its child labor or child marriage. In India, as of today, 25% of kids are not in school, with almost 100 million child dropouts in total. It gets worse, however, as 42% of married women began their marriages as children in India, as well as over 10 million child laborers 5-14 years old. Many of our children also suffer from kidnappings and malnutrition, with over 19.8 million in India under 6 without enough nutrients, and 150 children going missing every day! This may seem like a hopeless situation, but with the ingenuity and perseverance of humanity, little by little we shall expel the evil from our world that is poverty!


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