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Amount Raised: $1,785

$ Goal: $1,500

Event Date: September 22, 2019

“I remember the first time I used the hammer – it was to make someone’s wooden bed. I had never slept on a bed so even when I hurt my thumb, I was too happy to continue working because it felt like a dream. My friend Salil, who works with me, taught me how to use the hammer properly. Sometimes, when Seth (the contractor) isn’t watching, we act like we own a house full of all the furniture we make!”

Just another day in the life of a child laborer – imagine the fact that there are over 33 million such children in India today.

Help change their story!  Donate Now to ensure children don’t spend their lives as child labor.
Every Dollar counts and your support is much appreciated, thank you very much for your generosity!

Please also take a moment to review CRY’s latest online booklet that provides an overview of the organization, projects supported over the years and impact driven every day!




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Rajesh Bhan $500
Bharat/Bharati Naik $202
Manoj Turlapati $197
Anonymous $101
Purvi Naik $101
Vishal Poddar $101
Radhika Warrier $98
Anoop Ellath $98
Dhruv Raheja $98
Vikram Mankar $51
Monika Taparia $51
Anonymous $31
Anonymous $30
Vineetha Pillai $25
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