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Amount Raised: $309

$ Goal: $200

Event Date: September 22, 2019


Your donations and support all make an impact on the children of India. Even a small donation will create a ripple effect on a community and help to change lives. If the rights and education of the children of India are provided and protected it can help to solve much larger scale problems. Such as breaking the cycle of poverty, increasing quality of life, and helping to fight against injustices against child rights such as child marriage and trafficking. These are just some of the examples of the ripple effect that occurs when you donate. Whether large or small any amount of donations from you will help to change a child’s future.

  1. This is a wonderful thought, great job Raj, it is important to think spend time, energy and resources for making others lives better, those who are lot less fortunate than you.

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Rajesh Munshi $123
Sangeeta for Dennis Sam Ishan Sacha Sam Mudnal for Aaron Aditya Omar Robert $71
Sangeeta Mudnal $25
Tanvi Shah $25
Monal Sonecha $25
Krishan Dave $20
Kinnari J Shelat $20
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