Manya’s birthday fundraiser


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Manya's birthday fundraiser

Our little princess Manya has opted to give away her birthday gifts for the money for kids who really need it. Not every child is lucky enough to have a birthday party like our kids, so to support her kind thought and helping needy kids please consider our request to donate to Cry America Inc. in lieu of gift for Manya.

Every little bit helps, no amount is a small amount and if your employer matches donations, please match it 100%.


Yashpal Jhaveri $125
Aditi Chaubal $30
Shrey Hridaan $30
Umashankar Murugesan $30
Brinda Parikh $30
Arpit Shah $30
Girish Raja $30
Viaan Shukla $30
Saee Hamine $30
Arya Tapania $25
Jigar Khandhar $25
Vidhee Shah $25
Ruha Bakshi $25
Anurag Mangal $25
Suma Rambhatla $25
Jashoda & Nilesh Bothra $25
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