In Loving Memory of my Father – Mr. Natvarlal Patel


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In Loving Memory of my Father - Mr. Natvarlal Patel

I have set up this page in memory of my father Mr. Natvarlal Patel to honor his memory & the teachings that he left us with.

He will forever be remembered by us: those that he inspired and motivated to be better and those of us that will carry his winning attitude forward. The traits that made him an extraordinary man are just a small fraction of who he was in life and more importantly, how he chose to affect the lives of others.

He was a traditional person but he strongly believed that girls should be independent & encouraged all the girls in his family to be strong & independent. He instilled the confidence in them so they could face any challenges life threw at them. He was a spiritual person who believed in being a humanitarian.

Even now as we cherish his thoughts & memories he has sought to further prosper the lives of others and has nobly donated his body for medical advancement.

We have been fortunate to be a part of his life & would like thank & honor him by fulfilling his wish to donate to a charity in lieu of having a cremation service. There is no cremation service, instead we are raising funds for CRY America so underprivileged children in India can have a better life. We request you to please donate any amount you wish to help us in this.


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