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Amount Raised: $464

$ Goal: $500

Event Date: October 18, 2020 To December 31, 2020

Hi!  My name is Bindiya Larson and I am 11yrs old.  I am raising money for CRY America’s Virtual Walk for Child Rights 2020.  Please consider donating directly to this wonderful organization.  In September of 2020, I rasied money through an entrepreneur program with my mom.  We raised a total of $364 in September and we want to keep going to show our support and share our gratitude in life.

  1. And share few photos from your activities and do a group walking, running or bike ride with your siblings 😉
    I am sure you are going to exceed your goal. And keep up the great work you are doing.

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Bindiya Larson $364
Anjana Patel $100
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