Help Himanshu Break the Cycle of Poverty


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A fundraiser to raise money for Himanshu's schooling.

Imagine, being only 14 years old, being forced into work, falling sick, recovering, and getting back to work quickly. All this, so you could help your family make ends meet. This is exactly what happened to Himanshu, an aspiring student and the youngest of 3 siblings. Himanshu had to drop out of school in 8th grade and was forced to migrate to Gujarat, over a thousand miles away from his hometown, to aid his family financially and work as a child laborer for minimum wage. While working in Gujarat, he fell ill, and even after this incident, Himanshu was treated and sent right back to work.


Living in the United States, education feels normal, and is by law, a right given to us. However, what we don’t often realize is that in some countries, access to education is not a right, but rather a privilege.


After hearing about Himanshu and his unfortunate circumstances, CRY Project DEEP reached out to Himanshu’s contractor to discuss the situation more in-depth. CRY’s team convinced Himanshu’s parents to bring him back home, where they enrolled him in 9th grade so he could continue his educational journey. Himanshu was also enrolled in CRY’s Child & Adolescent Resource Center where he is being helped to bridge the gap in his education.


With Himanshu’s entire family working to barely make ends meet, every day is another day in the vicious cycle of poverty. Empower Himanshu with the gift of education. Not only will Himanshu’s life change, but also his family’s life. Help him break the cycle of poverty and build a brighter future for himself.


Currently in India, over 10 million children are working 80+ hours a week, getting paid less than a dollar a day in harsh conditions to help their families. Let’s join hands to fight and change this reality.


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