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Help young women in India who have limited access to menstrual hygiene products by donating to the campaign.

Help young women in India gain access to menstrual supplies!


The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted the aspects of all of our lives greatly. However in all this, we have to point out that in times of crisis, issues that pertain to women and young women are historically known to be ignored! 


During the nationwide pandemic lockdown in India, menstrual supplies, like sanitary napkins failed to make it onto the list of “essentials” to be exempted from the restrictions. This left young women who already have limited access to menstrual supplies pre-pandemic, to helplessly fend for themselves when it came to their periods. Sanitary napkins were finally added to the list at the end of March, however during the time these supplies were not accessible, many young women had to reduce to unhygienic and unsafe means. 


Although the sanitary napkins are now exempt from restrictions, they are far from accessible. The affordability, stigma, cleanliness, and even education on menstrual health are all factors that have made the safe access of menstrual products during a pandemic a difficult and stressful task for many young Indian women. 


At CRY America we believe that menstrual health and hygiene is an integral role in children’s health that needs to be addressed! But we can’t do it alone, which is why we are kindly asking for you help in this fight. A donation to this mission will be able to make a big impact on the lives of young women in India who desperately need it during these troubled times. Please consider making a donation today!



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