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Education for Girls is a campaign that I started because I want to help girls struggling to complete their education.

Many girls cannot complete their education. The parents of these children also don’t find it as important for a girl to go to school because of the discrimination and bias. They don’t view girls on the same academic or social level as boys and subsequently don’t make an effort to send their child to school. People believe that these girls should just get married off and their purpose in life is over. However, many others disagree strongly with this belief including myself.

I believe that women can in fact have an education, have a career, and be just as good as men. Families neglect their daughter’s education more because they believe that their son can succeed. To help these girls finish their education, we need to make a change in our mindset. We should help many families understand that daughters can achieve the same as sons. They deserve the same education and freedom in their life as anybody else.

For example, my own mother and her two sisters could have not been given an education. However, their parents believed in them and let them pursue and complete their education, unlike many other people in that time. And those sisters became successful, all because their parents’ mindset was correct. So like these parents, many others should strive to be the same and allow their daughters the same freedom as their sons or other boys.

Help me in trying to make a meaningful difference for girl’s education,

Neha Deshpande


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