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Amount Raised: $947

$ Goal: $2,000

Event Date: September 15, 2021 To December 30, 2021

When it gets tough the tough get going. 

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented support. With pandemic upon us, is more than ever critical for all of us come together and help each other in every way possible. 

We believe underprivileged children are vulnerable to societal evil forces, they need all the help they can get for protecting their basic rights. We can  go extra mile to give them protection and give hope for them to create their future.

Join us in making the world better than what it is today. Stand up for Child RIghts and Stand with us in this fight to protect our future. 

Thank you. 
Su & Raj. 

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Raj Mamadgi $500
Jyothika Mamadgi $298
Sathya Iyer $98
Anonymous $51
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