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Amount Raised: $1,428

$ Goal: $1,000

Event Date: September 15, 2019 To December 02, 2019

Hello family and friends,

We go about our life, liberties and pursuit of happiness and believe that these are our rights and not privileges. It is probably unimaginable to a lot of us how millions of children today struggle for the basics like food, shelter, healthcare and education.

As a volunteer for CRY (Child, Rights & You) for over a decade, I have been advocating for providing to those little souls what is rightfully theirs. 

Even though I am globetrotting for work this September, on Sept 25th I will be virtually participating in the CRY Walk in Boston, a 5 km annual walkathon organized by CRY America to raise funds and awareness for children’s rights.

Thank you for believing and supporting my cause.


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