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Amount Raised: $10

$ Goal: $200

Event Date: October 19, 2019

Girl’s education is often not prioritized in many parts of rural India, forcing many to drop out and lose their chance to better their lives. CRY America wants to change this by providing girls and their families with the proper resources to ensure their education.


Hello! My name is Varnica Singh and I have started a CRY America donation page for the “Stay in School” campaign for girl’s education.

In parts of India, families are often unable to prioritize girl’s education. In fact, the school dropout rate among adolescent girls in India is 63.5%. This leads to many girls being forced to drop out of school and either start a family or begin to work to generate an income.

There is a multitude of reasons to why education is hindered for girls. A culture of early marriages forces girls to drop out of school and focus on domestic work & rearing a family. Nearly 50% of all working children are girls.  Families living in abject poverty often resort to sending girls out to work to help support the family. This ends their path to getting an education and disposes of their independence. Some families do not want to send their daughters to school because they favor their sons over their daughters, leading girls to be denied an education while their brothers are given one.

Lack of facilities suitable for girls at school, such as toilets, lead many to drop out. Roughly 11% of all schools in India don’t have toilets and 280,775 schools don’t have toilets for girls. Even worse, there may be no schools nearby to even attend.

When a girl gets an education, she sets a cycle of positive change and independent spirit. Educated girls grow up to be educated women who are able to avoid exploitation, create a secure future and take good care of their families. Educated women also empower others who may be in a situation like she once was, changing their community for the better.

We place a high regard for education and encourage our youth to pursue it. Together, we can do the same for girls who ache for a better future by funding their education and bright future

Your support to ‘Stay in School’, will ensure that 1071 girl children in India go to school, complete their education and realize their dreams. When you educate a girl you enable better choices for herself, her family and her community. Make sure she stays ahead just by staying in school.

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