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Amount Raised: $6,543

$ Goal: $5,000

Event Date: November 06, 2022 To December 31, 2022

I am walking for Underprivileged children’s basic Rights! 

Right to Survival, Right to Protection, Right to Development, Right to Participation…

CRY America has been a 501c3 non-profit here in the US for over 19 years. We believe all children have the basic rights to education, health, and nutrition and should be protected from sex trafficking, child labor, child marriage and abuse. We also believe change should be long lasting and not a quick fix. Therefore we utilize a holistic approach working in collaboration with the children’s parents, the community and the government. All the projects we select are monitored and evaluated by trained professionals to assess their progress and effectiveness.  CRY America will be supporting 44 Projects in India and 5 projects in the USA through grants totaling USD 2.4 million.  

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Milind Patel $850
Anonymous $601
Jugal Malani $501
Dell Matching $500
Moid Khan $402
Parth Patel $250
Aman Patel $250
Nayana & Nitin Doshi $250
Gail Webster $200
Pallavi Mehta $200
Pramod Patel $200
Nrupa Deshpanday $200
Rekha Nair $197
Tushar Patel $197
Mita Parikh $150
Dhruv Gandhi $121
Dina Patel $101
Bharat Dalal $101
Praful Ghandi $101
Amit Saheba $100
Priti Parikh $100
Bhoomieka Patel $100
Narendra Patel $100
Ketana Shah $100
Tajddin Momin $98
Sahdev Chokshi $98
Moid Khan $98
Alka Patel $98
Rajendra Amin $98
Purvi Patel $80
Gaurang Chokshi $51
Ashka Parikh $50
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