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Amount Raised: $1,000

$ Goal: $1,000

Event Date: September 08, 2022 To December 31, 2022

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Welcome to my CRY page. This year I am planning on raising at least $1000 to fund the CRY organization. CRY is an organization that helps underprivileged children in India who are without shelter, food, and water. As most of us are in a better situation, it is our responsibility to help them by funding CRY so that they can use these funds to help these children get back on their feet.


My name is Arush Krovidi. I am a freshmen student at Amador Valley High School who likes to do fencing and violin. I will be conducting a virtual “walk-a-thon” to raise the desired amount of money. Join me in my journey to raise at least $1000 to donate to CRY. Thank you.

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Hima Krovidi $488
Radhika Ayyagari $138
Annamraju Krovidi $100
Geeta Kondapalli $98
Vyji Kalavacherla $75
Anonymous $25
Venkata Marella $25
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