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Amount Raised: $1,654

$ Goal: $1,800

Event Date: October 20, 2018

My dear friends,

Another year, another Child Rights and You (CRY) walk ! But this time is different. This is our fifth annual walk and I am hoping you will support me as you always have to raise money for underprivileged children in India. As we near the festive season I hope start your celebrations with contributing whatever you can to my fundraising campaign. I have been working with CRY Atlanta for about five years now and I can promise that your money goes to the right little hands.

? Thank you so much for supporting me for all these years. I can’t do this without you ?

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Aravind Mahadevan (EXPRESS WEALTH GROUP LLC) $450
Ravi Singareddy $402
Anurag Jain $250
Sushma Peruri $200
Dipti Modi $51
Piyush Jain $51
Shruthi Shetty $51
Durgesh Das $51
Neetica Kakkar $51
Brajaraj Prusty $51
Prabir Das $25
Anonymous $21

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