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please sponsor ME

Amount Raised : $168

$ Goal : $500

Event Date : October 20, 2018


CRY Walk is ALMOST HERE!! This walk being Atlanta’s Fifth Annual CRY Walk, I hope you can contribute to my Fundraising Campaign to raise money for underprivileged children in India. I have been apart of CRY for about two years now and I have learned many things to state that this organization has been a personal growth in my life. It is difficult to find such non-profit organization such as CRY where you can make a real impact in someone’s life. I would like to Thank you for your effort to help others by donating to a great cause!

Thank you for your continuous support and donations 🙂 

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Shruthi Saravanan $98
Krishna Patel $30
Eshan Patel $20
Angela Scaria $20