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Helping The World, One Website At A Time

We have always been dedicated to helping the community through various means, one of which was through creating the CRY (Child Rights and You) club at Seminole High School where we strive to raise money for children in need. However, when the COVID-19 outbreak hit, our efforts and progress were halted; we were practically powerless. Like millions of students around the world, we were forced to stay at home with nothing to do, with no way to help. And yet, we wanted to make a difference. Hence, we founded the CodingForCharity Organization.

Because of COVID-19, many are suffering, whether they are businesses or children lacking essential resources and basic rights. Face-to-face interactions have been publicly frowned upon, and eCommerce seems to be the only reasonable option for many. However, turning on your smartphone and ordering $200 worth of groceries isn’t possible for a vast portion of the population, neither is risking one’s lives by visiting stores. We realized there was a better way for going about this, which would be both beneficial to children and stores. Hence, we reached out to local businesses and were surprised by their enthusiastic responses. Small businesses, struggling to make money during the new pandemic, needed a cheap and effective tool to safely sell their products.

Realizing the opportunity, we assembled a larger group and got to work. Our group of experienced high school coders design and create websites for small businesses to provide business with an effective online platform. The websites we make, with integrated online ordering, provide businesses with the opportunity to safely interact with customers, an essential to being safe in current times. Best of all, the money we make goes directly to CRY(Child Rights and You), who are fighting to ensure that basic rights of education, healthcare and protection from exploitation and abuse are restored to underprivileged children. That way we can ensure that we are not only helping the local economy, but children around the world as well.

Now, there are many ways by which you can help us achieve our goal of fundraising as much money as possible for kids in need:

1) Donate in return for us creating your website

2) Spread the word regarding our campaign

3) Donate directly to this campaign

Whichever method you choose, know that in the end, it will allow a number of kids to receive essential resources and care during the current COVID-19 crisis. Thanks.


Willie Riggins $300
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Anonymous $101
Vidya Chand $101
Leah Taylor $100
Vidya Chand $50
Ankit Prasad $50
Craig Handy $40
Anonymous $35
Debabrata Sikdar $20
Chandi Datta $20
Arbind Prasad $20
Manju Prasad $20
Jigyasa Dubey $20
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