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Amount Raised: $1,710

$ Goal: $3,000

Event Date: September 13, 2020 To December 31, 2020

Globally, about 400 million children are living in extreme poverty, about a 120 million in India. CRY America is making progress every year in working towards restoring their fundamental rights. This year has been tough for everyone but especially so for the least fortunate and we need your help more than ever. 

Please join us again this year in CRY Boston’s efforts towards raising funds for project partners in India and abroad. I invite you to donate generously in support of child rights and our collective future! 

Thank you so much!


Sanjay Yengul

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Sanjay Yengul $300
Sachin Jain $200
Ujjwal Kumar $197
Anand Dhingra $197
Sreesh Inguva $197
Milind Mahajan $197
Saurabh Tendulkar $126
Google Matching $100
Anand Inani $98
Frank Preiswerk $98
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