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Amount Raised: $1,000

$ Goal: $1,000

Event Date: November 10, 2019

How often have you read stories of little girls dropping out of their schools because of lack of funds or society prejudices? I am a woman and a mom of a 5 year old girl child, I know how important it is to raise a child with proper rights and virtues.

Education is a basic right which must be given to all the kids especially girls from the developing countries such as ours- India. Even today, it is considered a taboo to send a girl to school and get her educated. They are married off at a young age and sent to in laws house as if a burden has been removed from the maternal home.

I want your help to change the stories of thousands of little girls out there. I believe together we can make a difference.

Please donate on my page and directly support CRY’S Stay in School Girl Child Education Campaign by just a click of the mouse button.

Thank you,


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Shikha Bhandari $101
Naveen B $100
Mita Shah $98
Siva Penke $51
Anonymous $51
varnica singh $51
poonam pahwa $51
Astha Gupta $51
Charu Aggarwal $51
Priyanka Sadavarte $51
Jyoti Mishra $51
Shefali Sunderlal Chandel $51
Johncy Jesubalan $21
Krunal Soni $21
varnica singh $20
Vasantika Suryawanshi $20
Anonymous $20
Ankita Jain $20
Nishtha Sharma $20
Neelam Poddar $20
Promila Kumar $20
varnica singh $20
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $10
Rachana S $10
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