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Amount Raised: $901

$ Goal: $1,000

Event Date: November 10, 2019

One small contribution, that spreads million smiles  

I am Walking for Child Rights this year and raising funds for kids who need more than us. One small contribution from you will help reach millions of underprivileged kids and steer them towards a better happy childhood. Please support these children and help me raise funds for their dreams. I request you all to join me at the CRY Walk on Nov 10th at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont.

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Anonymous $100
Akansha Kalita $100
Anurag Jain $100
nivedita kumar $100
Anonymous $51
Anonymous $51
Anonymous $51
Sai Chaithanya Marri $51
Ratna Kumar $51
Anonymous $51
Shilpi Thakur $50
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $20
Shreya Kumar $20
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