Arya Raina Padani’s 2nd Birthday Donation


$527.00 donated of $300.00 goal . Congratulations... Your goal has been achieved. Congratulations Image

Arya is turning 2! This year we ask for no boxed gifts. Instead wee would love for you to support Arya meet her goal to help underprivileged kids get the same basic rights that she has.

This is a special year for our daughter as she begins to express herself more through her words and actions. We want to instill love, compassion, generosity and selflessness in Arya. Over time, we want her to see that all children deserve the same equal rights and that SHE has the power to help make it happen!

We ask that you help Arya start this journey and help her reach her goal of $250 to help these underprivileged children get the proper education, healthcare, safety they need to grow up healthy and strong.


Anonymous $98
Anonymous $51
Sharmin Dhanani $51
Anonymous $51
Sultana Hamirani $51
Anonymous $50
Anonymous $40
Anonymous $30
Ragini and Armaan Malik $30
Dilshad Haji $25
Ashley Martin $25
Sonal Suri $25
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