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This campaign is raising funds to provide a platform to educate the public about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and to support low-income families advocate for their child’s needs such as social services, medications, therapists, and resources to develop their child’s social, vocational, and behavioral skills. Additionally, this campaign is to further support CRY America who is working to support underprivileged families and kids during this Covid-19 pandemic.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is at a rising rate in India. More than 10 million children in India have this developmental disorder. ASD is a wide spectrum and it can be difficult for families to know how to approach the situation. By donating to this campaign, we can help these low-income families and people in general to become educated about autism and to provide them with the services needed for there child to be successful. These services would include platforms to advocate for their child’s needs and to teach them skills needed for independence in adult life.


My name is Prachi Mital, and I am a 16-year-old who is passionate to make this world more inclusive for everyone despite our differences. My older brother Sanket Mital is on the autism spectrum, he has inspired me in many ways and showed me the shortcomings of our society. As humans we are social animals, this does not change for kids on the spectrum. However, what does change is the strength of their social skills, which can only be developed and stretched through practice and interaction.  By starting this campaign, I hope to make this world a better place by being proactive and addressing issues that can be difficult to talk about.


I am also the proud founder of The Boomerang Project: what goes around comes around. This project is sponsored by a non-profit organization and has a mission to unite the special needs and mainstream community through activities that benefit society. We have bi-weekly meetings where we socially interact, initiate the building of meaningful long-lasting relationships, practice, and master skills, and participate in community service. Some of the activities we have done include, holding a hygiene drive, making bagged lunches for the poor and hungry, and having virtual yoga sessions. For more information and future/past events check out our website. If you like the initiative do not forget to Become a Boomerang Today, by signing up on the website.

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