Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers organize events to raise funds across various Action Centers (ACs).  Each event comes with a set of unique needs on what the volunteers are typically required to do to make the event is a grand success.  The following is an outline of responsibilities that goes towards an event like, say, Holi, Walk or Banquet.

While the following functions might involve management, and leadership, as a volunteer you can decide the extent of your involvement.  You could be:

  1. Event Day Volunteer – you show up on the day of the event, you are assigned a specific task/station with instructions, you help with that and go your way!
  2. Pre-Event Volunteer – you participate in discussions about organizing the event, you work in one or more of the functions below, carrying out assigned tasks. You work with a volunteer manager, on a specific set of responsibilities.
  3. Pre-Event Volunteer Manager – you participate in discussions about organizing the event, you take ownership by yourself, or in partnership of one or more of the functions listed below.  You get help from pre-event volunteers to get these done, and stay closely coordinated with the overall event management team.  You meet with pre-event volunteers as needed to ensure smooth and successful execution of a function.  You typically are managing this function on the day of the event, too.

Pre-Event Planning

The following is a list of responsibility of putting an event together, and the work that leads up to the event.

Overall Event Management

Volunteer Management

Community Outreach and Marketing


Accounts Management

Logistics Management

Day of the Event

The following are some responsibilities for the day of the event.  Some of these might require some coordination ahead of the event  like training volunteers to use Square for payments, or securing the items that are slated to be sold as merchandise, etc.




Volunteer Management


Vendor Management

Crowd Management

CRY Champion

Auction Management (Banquet Only)

Pledge Management (Banquet Only)