CRY America Bike4CRY – October 2021


We are excited to invite you to join our Bike4CRY event between October 15 to November 30, 2021 across multiple cities.

Join the CRY Bikers Club to benefit children’s rights and have a good time indoors or outdoors during a beautiful sunny day!

Here are various ways you can join the event:
– Become a Team Captain and form a small group of 8-10 bikers for a scenic ride in your city
– Join the event as a couple, family or small group of friends for a bike ride together in your neighborhood
– Join the event from home on your stationary bike

It’s time to get your bike out of the garage for a spin around your neighborhood! You could also rent a bike or avail of the Bike – share facilities available across most cities.

Please follow local health advisories and guidelines pertaining to such group activities in your city/state.

For more details contact Patrick Bocco at or call +1 617-959-1273


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