CRY San Diego Badminton Tournament – 2019

For the first time, CRY San Diego is organizing a fun and exciting Badminton Doubles Team Tournament!

Gather up your friends, form a team, practice, and conquer your opponents to take home great trophies and medals!

All proceeds go to benefit CRY – Child Rights & You, America – for the benefit of underprivileged children’s education, safety, and health.

Date: Aug 17, 2019. 8:30am – 5:30pm

Venue: San Diego Badminton Center Court (SDBCC), Willow Court, San Diego


Maximum of 8 teams, each team with, at minimum, 2 womens players and 7 mens players.
There is no max limit per team, but team members should be willing to rotate if a team has more than 9 players. Each player has to register.

8 Teams will be divided into two groups of 4 each. Format will be round robin (each team plays each other team once).

A ‘Tie’ between two teams will consist of 3 mens doubles, 1 Womens doubles and 1 mixed doubles.
A ‘women’ player can play a ‘mens’ doubles, but no ‘men’ player will be allowed in women’s doubles.
No mens players will be allowed to play two matches in one ‘tie’.
A woman player can play two matches in one tie (either a WD+XD or a MD+XD or a MD+WD)

Team Ranking:
Teams are ranked by the # of team points (TP)
Team points = 2 if a team wins 3 or more of 5 matches within a ‘tie’.
Team points = 0 if a team wins less than 3 of 5 matches within a ‘tie’.

If # of team points are tied between teams, the teams are ranked by # of matches won (MW)
If # of matches won (MW) are tied between teams, the teams are ranked by # of games won – # of games lost differential (GD)
If # of games won – lost differential (GD) are tied between teams, the teams are ranked by # of points won – # of points lost differential (PD)
If # of points won – # of points lost differential (PD) are tied, then the winner team will be chosen by luck of the draw.

All games run to 21 points. Best 2 out of 3 games wins. If two consecutive games are won by a team, the third game will not be played.

Rally Scoring (Doubles, mixed doubles)
Person on the right side serves if server’s score is even; Person on left side serves if the score is odd.
Whomever wins a rally, gains a point
If the receiving side wins a rally, then the serving side loses service. The receiving side becomes the servers for the next rally. No one switches positions on the court.
If the serving side wins a rally, then the person on the right side court switches places with the partner on the left side court.

Players has to register as a team. In case of more than 9 players in a team, players can register individually.
Organizers will provide two large pizzas per team and a case of water bottles along with shuttles for the games.


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