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please support Child Rights & You, San Antonio Volunteers

Amount Raised : $1319.00

Team Goal : $7,000

Event Date : February 24, 2019

We are the Child Rights & You, San Antonio Volunteer team, united together for a cause!

We are taking our step forward for our Children in need! Please join us and let us together create a world a possibilities for them!

Thank you very much for your support!

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Kiran Ramachandran $500
Prashant Nambisan $108
Anjali Aravind $108
kalaichelvi Asokan $100
Beneta Parthiban $98
Anonymous $98
Megha Sahay $51
Parul Mehta $50
Jalpa Mehta $25
Geetha Krishnamoorthy $25
Mayank Kaushal $20
Meagan Siddiqui $20
Sudha Sundaram $11
Kishore Baba Ummadisetty $5