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please support High School Chapter

Amount Raised : $1291.00

Team Goal : $1,500

Event Date : September 28, 2019

Child Rights and You Organization is a non-profit organization with a mission to prevent child labor and abuse and ensure basic rights of education and healthcare to children who are: underprivileged, physically and mentally challenged or bonded to labor. 

The High School Chapter of Child Rights and You would like to encourage you to join in for the C.R.Y. walk on September 28th, 2019 and help raise the awareness and support the cause. Along with the 5k walk, we will have games and snacks.

All donations are tax deductible! 

Thanks and hope to see you all,

Anisha Verma 

Co-leader of the High School Chapter C.R.Y.

Team Captain

Team Members



Manish Patel $596
Prasada Devarasetty $138
Senthil Sivakumar $98
Anonymous $98
Philip Lo $98
Gopala Naganaboyina $80
Retu Verma $51
Devarajulu Lankipalli $51
Devanshi Raval $25
Raj Kollipara $25
Anil Lankipalli $25
Anonymous $6