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please support C.R.Y High School Chapter

Amount Raised : $387.00

Team Goal : $500

Event Date : October 07, 2018

The C.R.Y High School Chapter, is raising funds for underprivileged children to help them to develop their full potential and dreams. The funds also go towards the education and healthcare for the underprivileged children including street children, children bonded into labor, and the mentally and physically challenged children.

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Thank you,

Anisha Verma

Team Captain

Team Members



Prasada Devarasetty $200
Anonymous $51
Nishant Singh $51
Ashwin Senthil $20
Prashant Naganaboyina $15
Lily Breitinger $10
Anonymous $10
Justin Zhao $10
Swetha Pugal $10
Michael Valor $10