No gifts for Birthday please. If you can (only if you can), please donate whatever small amount you can contribute to CRY,

December is the season of spreading joy, which makes it the perfect month for giving back and making a difference in the life of a child.

CRY America needs your support to reach the goal of $5000 by Dec 25th so that we can get an equivalent matching donation from a Seattle donor.

This is a one of a kind opportunity to 2x your donation to CRY America or even 3x if you have employer matching.


In celebration of children everywhere, I appeal to you to sponsor me and help raise funds for CRY ..

the pandemic has highlighted the briefness of our time on earth and the future lies in our children ..

CRY has worked hard during this time to provide relief to migrant children , help with technical support for the education and prevent abuse ..

any contribution is accepted with gratitude 🙏


When it gets tough the tough get going. 

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented support. With
pandemic upon us, is more than ever critical for all of us come together and
help each other in every way possible. 

We believe underprivileged children are vulnerable to societal
evil forces, they need all the help they can get for protecting their basic
rights. We can  go extra mile to give them protection and give hope for
them to create their future.

Join us in making the world better than what it is today. Stand
up for Child RIghts and Stand with us in this fight to protect our

Thank you.
Su & Raj. 

This year I am fundraising for CRY America to help underprivileged children in post Covid period.

Please donate to my page to make a difference


BuDhaGirl has been captivated by sari cloth, amazed at its richness of colors, textures, embellishments, and embroideries. Now, BuDhaGirl is paying tribute to this amazing cloth by creating Sari Totes, made from 100% upcycled sari cloth.

These pieces of unique Sari fabric were once full swaths of cloth headed to a landfill, and now with their partners in India, BuDhaGirl rescued these fabulous fabrics and created a must-have tote bag for women, The Sari.

For every Sari Tote sold, BuDhaGirl will donate $10.00 to CRY America, an NGO charity that has helped over 700,000 children, focusing on the areas of Education, Health & Nutrition, Safety & Protection, and Child Participation.


To know more:

Won’t you please help us make a difference?

Thank you,
The BuDhaGirl Team