Ayee left for her heavenly abode on 29th March 2022 to reunite with our beloved grandfather after being apart for 23 long years.

She was the veteran of our family who lived through India under British rule, Indian independence, rapid change in technology, changes from telegram to letters to telephone to mobile phone to internet to video calls and the pandemic. She adapted to all these changes better than a lot of people from the younger generations.

She was an epitome of strength and we all looked up to her.

Ayee and Baba showered each one of us with so much love. Every vacation in India meant getting spoiled by our grandparents. Summers in India were the best time of our lives. Its hard to accept that Ayee is no longer with us but only thing that keeps us moving is knowing the fact that Ayee is now with Baba, Daddy, and Vinay mam.

May her soul attain Sadgati 🙏🏻



I have set up this page in memory of my father Mr. Natvarlal Patel to honor his memory & the teachings that he left us with.

He will forever be remembered by us: those that he inspired and motivated to be better and those of us that will carry his winning attitude forward. The traits that made him an extraordinary man are just a small fraction of who he was in life and more importantly, how he chose to affect the lives of others.

He was a traditional person but he strongly believed that girls should be independent & encouraged all the girls in his family to be strong & independent. He instilled the confidence in them so they could face any challenges life threw at them. He was a spiritual person who believed in being a humanitarian.

Even now as we cherish his thoughts & memories he has sought to further prosper the lives of others and has nobly donated his body for medical advancement.

We have been fortunate to be a part of his life & would like thank & honor him by fulfilling his wish to donate to a charity in lieu of having a cremation service. There is no cremation service, instead we are raising funds for CRY America so underprivileged children in India can have a better life. We request you to please donate any amount you wish to help us in this.

Education transforms children’s lives and it’s so important in shaping their future as well. Children deserve to learn and grow. As a result of the pandemic, online education became such a vital part of our children’s lives, however, many marginalized kids could not attend their schools due to a lack of digital aid. Due to the worsening Covid situation, many children were also forced to work in order to support their families.

Children are our future. Let’s come together to ensure that they’re able to continue their education and have an opportunity to have a better life

You can also ensure children have your continuous support by donating a small amount every month. You can start with as little $15-20 every month to ensure sustainable change in the lives of children. This is a very flexible way of supporting children as you can stop/discontinue simply by sending an email to support@cryamerica.org. Click on this link to join Monthly Giving: https://cryamerica.org/monthly/

Vijay M Gokarn, 68, passed away peacefully on Monday January 17th 2022. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, son-in laws and four beautiful grandchildren. Vijay’s life was defined by his passion for family, his ability to make everyone around him laugh and his absolute selflessness. He came to the US with only $4 in his pocket, a story that many close to him know. He worked tirelessly through the years to create a foundation for his family and friends to thrive, to love and to succeed. He achieved so much in his life professionally and personally but he never spoke a word of his success. Instead, he always chose to celebrate those around him. We will always remember his humble nature, his ability to give without receiving, his patience, his humor, his resilience and his ability to fight for those he loved. We can honor him most by loving, by living and by giving. He will forever live in our hearts with his warm smile shining upon us all.

1 in 3 child brides in the world are from India*. A shocking number which we need to change.


With the loss of livelihoods during the on-going crisis, underprivileged communities are forced to get their young daughters married to lessen the financial burden on the family. These girls lose out on a lot of learning as they drop out of school and have to shoulder responsibilities very early in life. There are also a lot of health issues that come their way with early pregnancies leading to children being born malnourished.


Children deserve a childhood instead of becoming child brides. By educating them we can give them a voice that is heard and considered. When a girl is able to go to school, she sets off a cycle of positive change.

We need YOUR support to help them rise to their true potential!

Donate generously to CRY America to protect young girls from the shackles of child marriage and give them wings to fly high!

You can also donate monthly to ensure sustainable change in the lives of young girls through recurring donations/ monthly donations.                                                                                                Click on the link to donate monthly: https://cryamerica.org/monthly/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


This year, the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in a child rights crisis around the world.  The costs of the pandemic for children are immediate and, if unaddressed, may last a lifetime.

Inadequate healthcare & social protection systems, and the lack of emergency action plans for school shutdowns has made children vulnerable to child labor, child marriage, and human trafficking. 

With the help of our dedicated supporters, CRY project partners have developed innovative methods to continue protecting children’s rights in India during the pandemic.

Please consider making a $7 contribution to our Lucky 7 Campaign in observance of Universal Children’s Day 2021.

In Good Health


Meet Chandni. As a child, she grew up within the walls of her small community, where the only way to survive was through sex work. One by one, every young girl’s freedom of choice was taken by this precedent. Chandni watched as her aunts and elder sister were coerced into this lifestyle, dreading the moment she would be forced to do the same.

CRY America’s Project Samvedna opened new doors for Chandni. After discovering her plight, CRY emphasized the boundless opportunities Chandni will have through completing her education, convincing her family to take a different path.

Chandni had been given back the reins to her life, with which she opened door after door to follow her dreams. With her education and freedom, she reached her goal of becoming a part of India’s paramilitary forces. She is not only surviving, but chasing her potential and becoming the best version of herself.

There are many other girls like Chandni struggling to break free of their confinement and pursue their passion. This disparity between choices given to girls and boys has widened because of the COVID pandemic. Girls are being pushed into child marriage and child labor more frequently, especially in underprivileged sectors of society.

CRY America is actively working to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to get an education and follow their dreams. Please donate to this campaign to support our future leaders, doctors, teachers, and dreamers. 

Every penny makes a difference. Donate now to help open doors for girls like Chandni. #WomenofTomorrow

Girls can do anything – if given the right opportunities at the right time.

The pandemic has been extremely difficult for girls from underprivileged sections of the society. Getting a basic education has been a challenge for girls & the pandemic has added to this. With a lack of income being faced by families due to the pandemic, parents are forced to send their girls to work or get them married at an early age. These challenging times could have a devastating effect on their hopes and ambitions – but YOU can help change that. A donation of any amount will assist in giving these girls the future they deserve.


Every year, me and my family visit India, and while staying at my grandparents’ house, we would have a maid that would help clean up around the house. She used to talk about how her daughter got married at the young age of 15, and to me, that sounded outlandish. This was the first time I ever learned of child marriage in India. When a child is married at such a young age, they don’t even get the chance to study and improve their life, which in my eyes, is a basic right everyone should have. Another astonishing thing I’ve seen in my time in India was young girls working in small shops and at traffic signals begging for money. It was as if they didn’t even know that they could live a better life if they were imparted education. In India, when money starts to run dry, most of the time it is the daughter and not the son’s education which is stopped. Looking to the privileged life of kids in America, there is a massive contrast. With your help we can give these young women a chance to live a fulfilling life and achieve their dreams. Please donate to my cause so that we can create a better world for these underprivileged girls.

Whether it is a girl supporting her family or it is a female sportsperson winning laurels for her country at the Olympics – Girls can change the world – if given the right opportunities at the right time.

Girls from underprivileged sections of the society have been hit the worse by the first and, now, the second wave of COVID-19. In a study by Malala Fund, it is revealed that during the pandemic in India a high proportion of girls reported being engaged in chores and care work (71%) as against boys (38%).

Moreover, in light of a digital format of education during the pandemic, girls are facing disproportionately greater disparity when it comes to the access to technology. Only 26% girls said that they could access the phone present in the household whenever they wanted to; the corresponding data for boys is 37%.

And despite constructive efforts, 20 million girls still face the fear of not returning to schools after the health crisis has ended in developing countries like India.

In these challenging times girls are impacted adversely – they might lose their chance to continue their education & might have to give up on their dreams.

YOU can help change this. Invest in helping girls to shatter the barriers standing between them and their dreams, and watch as they take themselves and our world to new heights – even during these COVID times! Donate now.

Girls can do anything – if given the right opportunities at the right time.

The pandemic has been extremely difficult for girls from underprivileged sections of the society. It has added to the challenges being faced daily by underprivileged children, especially girls, concerning the resources they need to reach their potential.

When Kajal’s father told her that he had prepared for her wedding when she was 14, she protested against it, however she could not change his mind. However when social workers from the organization talked to her father, they emphasized the harmful effects child marriage would have on Kajal’s life, and the benefits she could gain from continuing her education. Her father agreed, and Kajal was able continue going to school. She worked hard and her efforts paid off, she was selected to be the Assistant Commissioner at the police station for a day, representing her community in a positive way.

It’s easy to see how allowing Kajal to continue her education improved her own life, but there were greater impacts that affected the lives of girls around her. She decided to become a social worker, and soon she will work to help girls fulfill their potential, and continue to give the same gift of opportunity that she was given.

Donating to this organization will help girls like Kajal, and help change the lives of girls in poverty in general.